Operation targeted on city’s repeat offenders

Police will continue to target offenders who cause the most harm
Police will continue to target offenders who cause the most harm

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POLICE are continuing to target those offenders who cause the most harm to a city with two more arrests.

Operation Suppress was launched by Chichester Police in February to target suspects who commit the majority of crime in the area.

A 51-year-old man from Chichester has been arrested for 15 offences including fraud, production of cannabis, abstracting electricity, handling stolen goods, theft of keys, drink-driving and other driving offences.

A man aged 46, from Tangmere, has been arrested for six offences including a possession of cannabis, handling stolen goods, abstracting electricity and making a false statement to his insurance company. They were released on bail.

Inspector Will Rolls from Chichester Neighbourhood Policing Team said: ‘Historically, Chichester district has suffered crime from repeat offenders who reside either on or near to the district.

‘Previous work has disrupted these people in the short term, but they continue to return and commit crime within our communities.

‘We will, therefore, target these individuals robustly and work with partners to ensure that we can bring an end to this activity. We will use all available tactics to prevent them from committing crime and to bring them to justice for the crimes that have been committed.

‘They will remain under the spotlight until we are satisfied that they are no longer a threat to the district.’