Operation targets city thieves on railways

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PICKPOCKETS who prey on commuters and tourists will be targeted by police in a day of action.

Plain-clothes officers from British Transport Police were set to be patrolling routes to Portsmouth today.

It comes as the force launches Operation Magnum, as property thefts have dropped by 15.4 per cent nationally since April.

Superintendent Jason Bunyard, leading the operation, said: ‘Thefts on the rail network are very rarely opportunistic.

‘They are committed by determined thieves whose sole intention is to steal from other passengers.

‘While crime on the rail network is down for the 10th successive year, theft of passenger property is an issue, particularly as a lot of the travelling public now carry hi-tech devices.’

Officers will use both intelligence-led patrols by uniformed officers and plain-clothes theft squad detectives.

Supt Bunyard added: ‘Always remember to keep your belongings close by and check on them regularly.

‘Keep your valuables hidden and be aware of your surroundings when you board a train or tube.

‘Mobile phones, tablets and laptops are a popular target for thieves.’