Overweight mum died from heart attack – inquest

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A YOUNG mum collapsed and died suddenly from a heart attack because she was overweight, an inquest heard.

Karly Missing was taken to Queen Alexandra Hospital, in Cosham, after suffering a heart attack but medics were unable to resuscitate the 22-year-old.

An inquest into her death was told how Miss Missing had been looking after her seven-month-old son when she collapsed at home in Hilsea Road, Hilsea, Portsmouth.

Her parents, Robert and Deborah Missing, had no idea how their seemingly healthy daughter had died.

Despite getting some answers from the inquest at Portsmouth’s Guildhall they are still left wondering why.

Mum Mrs Missing told the inquest: ‘She was 16 stone. She wasn’t 30 or 40 stone. She was a young girl.

‘It wasn’t like she was absolutely huge.

‘She had had a baby and she was overweight – so are a lot of people.’

Mrs Missing asked Dr Judith O’Higgins, who carried out the post-mortem examination, why her daughter had died so young when there were other people who were more overweight.

She answered: ‘Because there is an increased risk of dying due to heart failure.

‘She may have been stressed because of the baby and the circumstances.’

Dr O’Higgins also carried out toxicological tests after Miss Missing’s death on May 9, last year, but found no traces of alcohol, prescription drugs or illegal drugs in Miss Missing’s body.

She added: ‘The external examination revealed no marks or injury which caused or contributed to death.

‘My conclusion is that the cause of death is sudden cardiac death in obesity.’

She said Miss Missing had a slightly heavy heart but that it was otherwise healthy.

She also had a Body Mass Index of 37, meaning she was classed as obese.

Deputy coroner Karen Harrold told her parents: ‘I am sorry we can’t answer it any better to help you find some peace and some answers.

‘It does seem quite clear that she suffered a sudden cardiac death caused by the obesity.

‘From this evidence I think the only conclusion I can reach is that Karly’s death is due to natural causes.

‘I am very, very sorry that you have lost your daughter at such a young age and with a young baby.’

The coroner recorded a verdict of death by natural causes.