Owner apologises after Portsmouth dog attack led to pet being put down

Stuart Green and his daughter Layla
Stuart Green and his daughter Layla
Police car. Pitcure: Jon Rigby

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A MAN who has been disqualified from owning dogs after four of his attacked a Jack Russell has said he is ‘sorry every day’ for what happened.

Stuart Green, 42, was sentenced at Portsmouth Magistrates’ Court after his Staffordshire bull terriers attacked a one-year-old Jack Russell on New Year’s Day.

The attack led to the dog being put down and Mr Green has been banned from owning dogs for the next five years.

But Mr Green, from Stamshaw Road, Portsmouth, said he is remorseful about what happened and he tried his best to stop the attack.

He said: ‘I took the four dogs, Stella, Tilly, Vinnie and Gizmo, for a walk on New Year’s Day.

‘I walked along the Stamshaw shoreline and I let them off their leads because they like swimming.

‘I was bending down to put them back on their leads and I heard a car door.

‘With that Tilly, who is a puppy, looked up and saw a Jack Russell by a car with two women. She just ran.

‘I shouted for her and tried to call her back, but she was having none of it.

‘She went for the Jack Russell. I got in the way and tried to pick up the Jack Russell to help it.’

Mr Green said he put the Jack Russell on the bonnet of the car and was also trying to wrestle his own dogs at the same time.

He said he got bitten as he was trying to do this, but was not sure whether it was the Jack Russell or his dogs.

He said the woman was on the phone.

‘I was looking at her saying “help me please”,’ he said.

‘She didn’t. I picked up her dog off the bonnet, gave it to her and said “help me, hold it”.

‘That’s when Tilly jumped up and scratched her dog.’

The injuries caused to the Jack Russell called Dylis, owned by Helen Evans from Buckland, were too severe and he had to be put down.

Mr Green added that he was very remorseful about what happened.

‘I am sorry every day,’ he said.

‘I picked the dog up like a baby and it had all these wounds over it.

‘I looked straight into its eyes and I was so sorry.

‘I looked at the woman and she was still on the phone.

‘I was wrestling four Staffies with one hand. I was doing my best.’

As well as being banned from owning dogs, the court also ruled that all four dogs will need to be muzzled and on leads when going for walks.

Failure to do so will see them destroyed.

Mr Green’s daughter Layla Green, 21, is now taking three of the dogs to live with her in her new property and another has been found a new home.

Miss Green said the puppies are going to training.

‘They always have to be on a lead and muzzled,’ she said.

‘But you still get other people with their dogs not on a lead. I think all dogs should be on their leads unless you are in an enclosed place.’