Pair lured man to Knowle to ambush him and made false rape claim

JAILED Paul Jones and Ellen Crespin
JAILED Paul Jones and Ellen Crespin
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TWO people lured a man out late at night before attacking him and subjecting him to a false rape claim in a revenge vendetta, a court heard.

David Martin needed surgery and faces an increased risk of developing glaucoma, which can cause blindness as a result of his ordeal.

Ellen Crespin, 27, and brother-in-law Paul Jones, 25, hatched a plan to attack Martin as he had been sending text messages to Jones’s wife, Southampton Crown Court heard.

Now the pair are behind bars after each admitting grievous bodily harm and perverting the course of justice.

The court heard Crespin lured Mr Martin out for a walk shortly before midnight, leading him on and at one stage holding his hand.

When the pair reached the recreation ground in Knowle, Crespin received a phone call and told the caller where she was.

Moments later Mr Martin was attacked.

Judge Susan Evans sentencing, said: ‘He was attacked and put to the ground.

‘He was kicked and punched. He said that he was kicked all over the place.’

Judge Evans added: ‘He described you, Ellen Crespin, as grabbing his arms and pulling them away from his face so that more of his face was exposed.’

The attack stopped briefly but then Crespin punched him in the face again.

The pair fled, leaving the victim lying bleeding on the ground.

He managed to call his parents and his father drove to pick him up.

He was taken home and then to hospital where an examination revealed he needed surgery for a tear to his retina.

Mr Martin was then referred to Southampton General Hospital.

But before he could be transferred Mr Martin was arrested on suspicion of rape.

Judge Evans said: ‘You, Ellen Crespin, accused him of rape.

‘That was another lie and a disgraceful thing to have done.

‘People who make false allegations like you make it much more difficult for genuine victims.’

The court heard Crespin did not continue with the rape allegation during interview.

But the pair continued to insist that Mr Martin had pushed her to the ground where she called Mr Jones, who heard her screaming down the phone. Jones said he pushed Mr Martin off.

Crespin later contacted police and told the truth about the incident between November 6 and November 8 last year

Crespin, of Soberton Road, Havant, was jailed for five years and four months while Jones, who has severe learning difficulties, was jailed for four years and one month.

They must each pay a £120 victim surcharge.