Parents furious at thieves who stole from son’s grave in Portsmouth

ANGERED Trevor Davis' parents Brian and Patricia. Inset: Trevor's grave Pictures:  Malcolm Wells (150601-8878 & 2257)
ANGERED Trevor Davis' parents Brian and Patricia. Inset: Trevor's grave Pictures: Malcolm Wells (150601-8878 & 2257)
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PARENTS have expressed their heartbreak after precious items were stolen from their son’s grave.

Brian and Patricia Davis’ son Trevor was buried at Kingston Cemetery, in St Mary’s Road, Fratton in 2006 after a battle with leukaemia.

But the couple visited the cemetery recently to find thieves had taken a dove and an angel from the plot.

Patricia, 76, from Southsea said: ‘It is really stealing from the dead, stealing from my son.’

The ornaments had been bought by Trevor’s brother Vincent as a token to watch over him.

‘It is very upsetting because you don’t think people are going to do that,’

‘Vincent bought them to put on his brother’s grave – he can’t believe that this has happened,’ said Patricia.

On one visit to put flowers at her son’s grave Patricia noticed that one of the pair of angels had gone missing.

Patricia said: ‘I thought that the groundsmen at the cemetery might have broken it and then taken it to put it back together.

‘When we asked them they didn’t know anything about it.’

After the distress of finding one item missing Patricia and her husband Brian were later shocked to find that a dove had been stolen from the plot.

Brian, 80, said: ‘I think the thief might have tried to take the dove the first time but as it heavy they might not have been able to carry it.’

The distraught parents have now decided to remove other items from the grave after fearing they might be stolen as well.

‘It is shame as Vincent bought them for his brother but now they are on his balcony,’ said Patricia.

Hampshire police have been informed about the incidents but so far have been unable to find the culprit.

Patricia has expressed her anger at the thieves who stole the items.

She said: ‘I would want to know why they have did it and I hope that they would bring them back.’

Trevor Davies passed away at the Queen Alexandria Hospital on April 22, 2006, aged 40.

The theft comes after relatives and friends have expressed their heartache at vandals smashing headstones throughout Kingston Cemetery.