Parrots stolen from garden aviary

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A PAIR of parrots have been stolen from a garden in Titchfield.

The birds, both African grey parrots, were taken from an aviary in St Margaret’s Lane, between 10pm on Tuesday, February 12 and 8am on Wednesday, February 13.

Both birds are mainly grey with some red tail feathers and are believed to be around 20 years old.

One of the parrots was injured some time ago and has a distinctive hole in the top of his beak and is missing one of his claws as a result.

Police are appealing for witnesses.

PC Danielle Ruzewicz from Park Gate police station said: ‘This is an unusual incident and I would like to speak to anyone who has been offered an African Grey parrot for sale or seen one advertised.

‘The parrots are not particularly friendly and there is therefore a possibility that whoever took them could have been bitten in the process.

‘Both parrots are well loved and the owners are very eager to have them home in their usual surroundings as soon as possible. There is concern that the disruption may cause them a lot of stress and have a detrimental effect on their health.’

Anyone with information about the incident should contact PC Ruzewicz at Park Gate police station by phoning 101.

Mini-Com users can call the police on 18001101.

Information can be given anonymously by calling Crimestoppers on 0800 555111.