Pensioner left for dead in the road in harrowing attack near church

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  • Kind mum from Southsea went to help great-grandmother
  • Police hunting for attacker
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A 71-year-old great-grandmother was hit over the head twice by a man and left for dead in the road in a vicious, unprovoked street attack.

The cruel assault has now left Julia Foster terrified and afraid to go out.

Julia Foster with her son Arthur. Inset, the corner of Church Road and Fratton Road where she was attacked

Julia Foster with her son Arthur. Inset, the corner of Church Road and Fratton Road where she was attacked

The attack has been condemned by Julia’s family and Louise Guinelly, a Southsea mum who went to the pensioner’s aid and called the police and ambulance.

Julia was walking home after visiting her son when she was attacked by a man on the corner of Church Road and Fratton Road, opposite St Mary’s Church, in Fratton.

She was hit over the head twice with a carrier bag, which was full of beer cans.

Louise was driving on the other side of the road and saw it.

The 30-year-old said: ‘She was just walking along minding her own business.

‘Out of nowhere, a man hit her over the head. He had a carrier bag full of beer cans.

‘He hit her and she fell into the road. I was in a bus lane. I got out of my car so quickly, I left the car running and the doors open.

‘There was blood everywhere, all over my face and hands.’

Louise held a cloth over the head wound and comforted Julia.

She stayed with her until emergency services arrived and also rang Julia’s daughter Tania Foster.

Julia was taken to hospital by ambulance and received treatment for cuts to her head.

The retired partner in a planning firm, of Church Road, Fratton, was left traumatised by the incident and has gone away to recover.

Tania, 47, of Alexandra Road, Landport, said: ‘Why would anyone attack a 71-year-old woman?

‘It’s wrong. Why can’t we look after our own?’

She added: ‘If it was not for that woman, she would have been left on her own bleeding.

‘I just want people to know there’s good people out there.’

Louise added: ‘I’m absolutely disgusted.

‘I was really concerned for the lady.

‘If that had happened to my mum, I would have gone mad.’

Police are appealing for witnesses and information.

The attack happened between 4.30pm and 4.50pm on Wednesday, November 25.

The man is described as white, about 5ft 10in tall, of stocky build, wearing a fluorescent yellow jacket and blue jeans.

He fled north along Fratton Road.

Police carried out an area search but did not find the man.

Call police on 101, quoting 44150410053.