Pensioners’ dismay as thieves steal flowers

Brian Willis (71) has had four of his five very attractive hanging flower baskets stolen from his Denmead home
Brian Willis (71) has had four of his five very attractive hanging flower baskets stolen from his Denmead home

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HOUSEHOLDER Brian Willis is demanding action to sort out petty crime in Denmead after thieves stole hanging baskets from his front garden.

The 71-year-old recently found the five baskets attached to the walls of his home missing.

Mr Willis says it is the latest problem for him and his wife Yvonne, 72.

They say they have to put up with litter being thrown into their property and that people in a park at the back of their house in Forest Mead keep them awake because they repeatedly shout and scream until the early hours.

Mr Willis said: ‘You would think that Denmead is a quiet place to live – unfortunately it’s not.

‘Though this is the first time we’ve had anything stolen from us we’ve had problems for years.

‘I didn’t call the police after I discovered the baskets were gone.

‘I’ve tried getting hold of them before when we’ve had problems and nothing was done.

‘Five years ago a group of 25 men were congregated out on the park and they were making so much noise. When I rang the police they told me to describe what they looked like. How on earth would I have been able to accurately say what they all looked like?’

‘The problems really need to be sorted out once and for all.

‘I personally blame alcohol. People come out of the pub and then think it’s funny to scream and shout and wake up everyone in the community.

‘It’s makes my wife worry.

‘We don’t feel safe to walk outside our house at the moment. We don’t know what could happen next.

He added: ‘I’m gutted that the hanging baskets have gone. They were worth around £25 each and were full of nice flowers.

‘The front garden won’t look so nice this year now.’

Councillor Jeremy Harrison, of Denmead Parish Council, urged Mr Willis to contact the police because they have an active neighbourhood watch team in Denmead.

‘It’s no secret that people have had things like pots stolen from their gardens in recent times,’ he said.

‘I would urge Mr Willis to contact the police as they are the ones who can sort out this sort of behaviour.’