People asked to report anti-social moped riders in Gosport

  • Police are encouraging people to report moped riders acting in anti-social manner
  • Gosport policing team are trying to track down offenders who are racing in the streets and abusing other motorists
  • Residents say the moped drivers are dangerous people
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PEOPLE are being encouraged to report anti-social moped riders who are racing each other through the streets.

Residents in Gosport are being warned to be aware of the group of riders who are causing trouble in the town.

I have been told by people who have seen the mopeds about just how dangerous they act.

Resident Brian Foster

Working with Hampshire Constabulary, Gosport Neighbourhood Watch is asking people who see the riders to report them.

A spokeswoman said: ‘A small group of moped riders are riding their mopeds in an anti-social manner.

‘We are receiving reports of a group of four to six youths riding their mopeds, racing each other and at times being abusive to other road users.

‘Gosport neighbourhood police are investigating offences relating to this group but we need people’s help.’

She added that although there have been several reports, the number plates have not been written down making it hard to find the group.

‘Although we are receiving reports from witnesses about a number of incidents, a majority of them were unable to provide registration numbers of the mopeds involved,’ she added. ‘Without this important detail our investigation into the offence is limited.

‘If anyone sees such behaviour, we are encouraging them to please try to note down the registration of the mopeds involved.’

Gosport residents say they are glad the police are trying to find the group, calling them a danger on the roads.

Brian Foster, from Rowner, said: ‘I have been told by people who have seen the moped riders about just how dangerous they act.

‘It is good the police are trying to act and hopefully they can find the offenders soon. It is dangerous to have them racing along the busy roads of Gosport.’

Another resident, who didn’t want to be named, added: ‘This group have been causing trouble for weeks. Something needs to be done to stop them.’

Anyone who sees the group acting in an anti-social manner is asked to report it by calling 101 and quoting crime reference number 44150274262 .

The officer co-ordinating the investigation into these offences is PC Kerry Needham.