Pervert avoids jail twice after taking indecent pictures

Chef Patrick MacKenzie was found with indecent images of children
Chef Patrick MacKenzie was found with indecent images of children
  • Chef accosted by security staff at amusements after he is seen taking video of girl
  • Police search his flat and find indecent images
  • Man dealt with at court but police find more images just days later
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PERVERT Patrick Mackenzie has avoided jail twice after taking indecent photos of young girls.

Portsmouth Crown Court heard the 32-year-old was previously handed a community order after he took indecent photos of girls at an amusement arcade.

But he was hauled into court again after officers checking up on him weeks after he was sentenced found thousands of indecent images on a laptop at his flat.

Thomas Horder, prosecuting, said Mackenzie, of Bramble Road, Southsea, had been seen at an arcade in Southsea filming a young girl on May 27, 2013.

Mr Horder said: ‘He was accosted by security staff. They asked him to show them his phone.

‘He refused and as a result he was held and the police were called and he was arrested.’

Police then searched his home and a computer tower and hard drive were seized with hundreds of movies, including some filmed by Mackenzie, including footage up young girls’ skirts and of their bottoms.

Mr Horder said 754 movies were found on the tower, with 104 rated as grade four, the more serious type on the scale, 73 at grade three, 79 at grade two and 174 at grade one.

‘Of these videos, 21 videos were found on that computer that had been taken in a public place and appeared to focus on the bottoms of young girls.

‘They were videos that had been taken, some by the defendant, between March 9, 2012 and February 18, 2013.’

The device also contained 8,476 still images at grade one, a single grade three image and a grade four image.

The seized hard drive contained 55 grade one images, 21 grade two images, 15 grade three images and 96 at grade four.

Mr Horder added: ‘A number of videos seem to have been taken up young girls’ skirts.’

Mackenzie’s phone was also found to have 2,090 still images at grade one and 10 videos taken up young girls’ skirts or of their bottoms, Mr Horder said.

He added: ‘In interview he admitted filming girls in public. He didn’t accept any of the images were indecent.’

It was in that court case he was handed a three-year community order and sexual offences prevention order.

Police then attended his flat between 12 and 20 days after the hearing and found 2,681 indecent images, of which 1,733 were unique. Officers also found 10 videos. All of the images were classed at grade C, the new grading system.

In court he admitted 22 charges of making indecent images of children and one of possession.

Mackenzie also admitted a breach of a sexual offences prevention order after deleting internet history on the laptop.

He also breached his notification requirements by failing to register his address with police.

Recorder Anne Arnold imposed a 40-week prison sentence suspended for two years, with £380 costs and an £80 surcharge.

e said: ‘Within a matter of 12 to 20 days from the imposition of that sentence you were not only committing like offences, being found in possession and having made indecent images, but you’d also made a concerted effort to delete the images in breach of the sexual prevention order which had been imposed.’

Paul Walker, defending, said since the second arrest over the March 2014 offences Mackenzie had addressed his problem at meetings.

He said: ‘He found those meetings scary, difficult, uncomfortable but by the end of it extremely hopeful.’

Mr Walker added: ‘He was a very different man than he is now.’