Pet owner’s anger after cat is shot in the face

A PET owner says she is devastated after her cat was shot in the face – and wants more people to speak up about animal cruelty.

By Susannah Moody
Friday, 10th May 2019, 9:15 am
Johanna Whatmore and Loki
Johanna Whatmore and Loki

Black and white moggie Loki, two, stunned vets who removed a huge ball bearing from his face in surgery that cost his owners £1,000 in credit card bills.

‘It was absolutely heartbreaking,’ said owner Johanna Whatmore, 43, whose husband David and daughter Megan discovered Loki hiding under the dining table. ‘Loki had been outside and my daughter noticed his face was bleeding. He had a cut down the side of his nose that just didn’t stop bleeding.’

The Whatmores rushed Loki to the vet. ‘The vet couldn’t believe what he was seeing - they thought there was a problem with the X-rays,’ Johanna told The News. The vet changed the x-ray plate to be sure and discovered a silver ball bearing lodged inside Loki’s face.

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Johanna Whatmore and Loki

Loki’s sinus has been entirely destroyed and he had to have stitches up the inside of his face. He will always have a watery eye and has ‘the most monumental sneeze’ but is recovering at home with his owners and brother Thor, two.

‘He’s definitely used at least three of his nine lives,’ his relieved owner said.

Johanna would like to see people educated about the emotional and financial hardship caused to families through cruelty to pets. Fortunately, Loki returned and the Whatmores were able to put the £1,000 cost of Loki’s treatment on a credit card.

‘We were lucky,’ Johanna says. ‘We’ll still have to pay the money but other families might have to deal not only with the heartache and pain of their pet being attacked but might not be able to afford treatment.’


‘It’s not just about the cats. The whole family is affected and it’s totally devastating. If anybody knows of anyone who attacks pets like this, they need to report it. Something has to be done and we can’t keep quiet.’

Ian Gates, headmaster at Cowplain School, said: ‘It is very upsetting to hear about this happening in the local area and I know our students will be very dismayed. Recently one of our members of support staff gave an assembly about protecting animals and we will continue to promote kindness - which is one of our school values - to both people and animals.’

The Whatmores said they would like to thank the team at Vets4Pets.

Johanna Whatmore's cat Loki was shot with a ball bearing