‘Please call us straight away if you spot Karl,’ say missing Fareham man’s family

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THE family of missing father Karl Law has pleaded with anyone who spots him to act right away and not put off taking action.

(Video shows Mr Law’s cousin Lee Cross explaining what has been done so far in the search)

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No Caption ABCDE PPP-141120-114831001

Relatives are urging people in Prague to stay with the 34-year-old and call police immediately rather than leave and tell those who are concerned about his disappearance after on Facebook.

It comes after two posts were put on the social media website yesterday saying Mr Law, from Fareham, had been seen in a shopping area and somewhere else in the city.

When family members looking for the father-of-one arrived at the locations minutes later, there was no sign of Mr Law – who vanished while on a stag do for his cousin Lee Cross on November 15.

There was also an alleged sighting on Monday.

Mr Cross, 41, who is one of seven people in the Czech capital searching for clues, said: ‘We are urging anyone who thinks they have seen him to stay with him and call the police, and contact us right away, rather than wait until getting home to say something.

‘We have only been five or ten minutes away from where people have said they have seen Karl.

‘But nothing ever seems to come of it.’

Mr Cross said there are numbers people can contact on Facebook said he hopes the alleged sightings are not a hoax.

It comes after Czech police revealed Karl Law was seen on Monday, November 17.

A statement was released saying Mr Law looked ‘intoxicated and confused’ as he had been drinking and allegedly taking drugs.

‘The fact that people are saying they have seen him is a boost, it gives us hope,’ Mr Cross said.

‘Karl’s brother Craig has vowed to stay here until the end.

But he added: ‘We now have a private investigator, but he has heard nothing at all, so it’s a strange situation.’