Please help E.T find his way home to Portsmouth

COME HOME The E.T replica stolen in a burglary
COME HOME The E.T replica stolen in a burglary
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HE’S familiar to just about everyone from the 1980s smash hit film E.T.

But now he’s missing in Portsmouth.

VICTIM Margaret Wells

VICTIM Margaret Wells

This life-size replica was stolen in a burglary in Cosham.

And now owner Margaret Wells is hoping he will phone home.

The 76-year-old was upset when she realised the model had been taken in the raid.

She had kept it since daughter Louise, 42, created it on a stage make-up course nine years ago.

Grandmother-of-three Mrs Wells said: ‘Maybe he’s actually gone home. You won’t find another one anywhere.

‘My daughter was offered £2,000 for it but she didn’t want to sell it – it’s the only one she made.’

Granddaughter Tia, four, said: ‘I loved him. He’s got big eyes and little feet. At night he comes to life.’

Mrs Wells’ said daughter Louise spent three months creating the E.T model.

It was among a bizarre haul that included an iron – stolen from Mrs Wells’ terraced Mansvid Avenue home in Cosham, where she has lived for 35 years.

Thieves also took two black jewellery boxes and two gold chains – one with a clock face locket and another with a jade pendant. They stole earrings and two 1986 coins from Canada and six coins from Singapore dated about 1990.

And they stole four rings including Mrs Wells’ most recent jewellery purchase – a platinum band with three diamonds and a sapphire shaped in a cross, and a ring with a round ruby.

Another contains four ruby stones, and the fourth has a square shaped sapphire with diamonds – in a similar style to Princess Diana’s engagement ring.

The thieves even stole a silver baby bangle engraved with Louise, dating back to 1969, the year of her birth.

The raiders used a bin to climb over the back wall into the garden of Mrs Wells’ house before prising open the back door using a spade left outside.

Mrs Wells – who was held at a prisoner of war camp Siam in Singapore for three years as a child during World War II – said: ‘I’m angry. I’m a very strong person. I was going to leave the rings to my daughters.’

PC Steve Bourne said: ‘The E.T is obviously a very unusual item to be stolen. Anyone who may have come across the E.T model or is offered it for sale is asked to contact us.’

Call PC Bourne on 101 if you can help.