Podcast highlights effects of drug abuse to users families

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PEOPLE are being warned about the dangers of drug abuse.

Hampshire police has commissioned a podcast of an anti-drugs play.

Last year the force commissioned a stage adaptation of the book Mum, Can You Lend Me Twenty Quid? – What drugs did to my family, written by Elizabeth Burton-Phillips.

Now it is hoping the audio-only version will reach more people as part of its campaign Operation Fortress.

The operation was set up to tackle drug-related violence in Southampton and has since been deployed in Portsmouth.

PC Barbara Dixon said: ‘The story is hard-hitting with a strong and realistic message about the harm drug addiction can cause to young people and their families.

‘It’s encouraging to see the reaction from people who have watched it and the impact it has on them.

‘It definitely leaves a lasting impression that all actions have consequences, none more so than the decision to use drugs.

‘However, the actors can’t physically travel everywhere to deliver the play and not everyone has the literacy skills, concentration levels or the right environment in which to read the book and absorb the story.

‘That’s why we developed the podcast format using the actors’ voices so that the story can reach an audience who might not otherwise be able to access it.’

Get the audio recording later this month at drugfam.co.uk.