Police advice for cyclists to stay safe this winter

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POLICE are warning cyclists to take extra care this winter – and say those without bike lights face fines.

Officers will be stopping cyclists to offer them advice on how to stay visible in the dark and safe, whatever the weather.

Inspector Jon Snook, of Hampshire Constabulary’s Roads Policing Unit, said: ‘Cyclists should wear bright clothing and maximise every opportunity to make themselves seen. We also encourage people to make sure their cycles are well maintained and that everyone wears a helmet.

‘This all seems like common sense but it would surprise many just how often we come across those cycling in the dark without lights or reflective clothing.

‘As the weather gets colder and frost begins to bite, it’s also even more important to wear a helmet as it won’t just be cars and pedestrians you’ll be keeping a look out for, but black ice as well. A helmet can be the difference between life and death.’

Police are also reminding cyclists that it is a legal requirement for those riding their bikes in the dark to have white front lights and red rear lights illuminated. Bikes must also be fitted with a red rear reflector and amber pedal reflectors, if manufactured after October 1985.

Cyclists are encouraged to have a steady white light in unlit areas.