Police and Crime Commissioner candidate David Goodall (Lib Dem)

David Goodall
David Goodall
Picture: Malcolm Wells

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‘Most candidates will talk about catching more criminals and having more police on the beat, but without saying how these are possible within the limited resources available.

‘Some will talk about zero tolerance and use a mass of meaningless targets.

‘Hampshire Conservatives have let down residents on crime. They voted to make further cuts to the police budget, ignoring warnings from the Chief Constable that this could remove 100 police officers from our streets.

Across Hampshire and the Isle of Wight, Labour and UKIP are a poor third and can’t win.

‘I will make the difference.

‘As a project manager in a successful business, I know how to get the most for every pound, stop wasteful spending and ensure jobs are performed effectively.

‘As a local councillor, I know how important it is to listen to your views and will set police objectives that reflect what you want.

‘I will prioritise neighbourhood policing because it works, it means more officers on your street, and it reduces crime.

‘I will ensure victims and witnesses get the support they need from other statutory and voluntary agencies at minimal cost to the police budget.

‘I will focus on reducing re-offending by ensuring offenders realise the harm they have caused and then, if possible, help to put things right for victims. Offenders will get help with basic reading and numeracy skills, drug and alcohol problems, making sure they live crime-free.

‘I will work with the police, councils, statutory and voluntary agencies to ensure each plays its full part on making our community safe.

‘In our area, the choice is between myself, an experienced campaigner, or the Conservatives.’