Police and Crime Commissioner candidate Don Jerrard (Ind)

Don Gerrard
Don Gerrard
Market Place, Romsey. Picture: Google Street View

REGIONAL: Evacuation after ‘suspicious substance’ found in Hampshire town

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‘I was born in Southampton and educated in Hampshire, where I have lived for most of my life.

After graduating from Cambridge University I qualified as a solicitor and became a senior partner of an international law firm in London.

‘Since retiring I have provided free legal services to victims of fraud and violence who have been unable to afford solicitors.

‘In 2010 I co-founded The Justice and Anti-Corruption Party, an independent party dedicated to obtaining justice for victims of abuse of power, and exposing and combatting political and other corruption.

‘I believe the commissioner should be entirely independent of all major political parties, and dedicated to ensuring that the law is applied equally to all.

My priorities:

n Keeping police stations open as a cost-effective way to ensure local community policing

n Quick and firm action against those who seek to harm our children

n The proper control of the use of firearms

n The conviction of drug dealers while giving help to drug users

nEnsuring that all crimes are properly recorded and investigated

n Dealing with fraud, especially against vulnerable and elderly people

n Cracking down on those committing criminal damage, violent crimes and arson

n Improving the rights of the victims of crime and preventing any intimidation of witnesses

n Ensuring that all complaints of police misconduct are independently investigated

n Proper control of police finance putting more officers into the community

My promises:

n To consult regularly with people throughout Hampshire to hear what is needed and do all I can to deliver what the public wants and needs.

n I shall not take a salary and will use the funds saved to assist voluntary organisations for the prevention of crime and the protection of victims.