Police and Crime Commissioner candidate Michael Mates (Conservative)

Michael Mates
Michael Mates
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‘The decision to appoint Police and Crime Commissioners is the most radical change in policing in our country since the Second World War. It’s at the very heart of Conservative policy: to cut crime.

‘This fundamental change will give the residents of Hampshire and the Isle of Wight a say in how policing operates in their local patch. I’ve been meeting our county, unitary and local authorities to find out what matters in your community; as well as fact-finding with local police and understanding the issues on the ground.

‘With their help, I shall shape plans that will have a tangible and measurable benefit for our communities. Whether it’s rural crime and the problems created by gypsies and travellers or urban issues such as anti-social behaviour related to late-night drinking and drugs. Or the seriously violent crimes that occasionally blight our cities, I want to give our residents a far more accountable and efficient police force.

‘The Home Secretary has sent a clear message that she wants police officers to be tough, single-minded crime-fighters.

‘Let’s remove the endless targets and additional bureaucracy of Labour’s failed plans and put more police back on the streets to tackle crime and remove the fear of crime.

Having undertaken all these tasks for the Royal Ulster Constabulary when I was the Minister of State for Security in Northern Ireland at the height of the troubles, I feel I have the experience to carry out these responsibilities well for you.’