Police arrest burglar - and he coughs up to ten more raids

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A THIEF has admitted ransacking two homes in separate burglaries – and confessed to police he carried out 10 similar offences.

Andrew Woods, 46, pleaded guilty to two charges of burglary dwelling and theft without violence at Portsmouth Magistrates’ Court.

To ransack people’s private homes is very unpleasant and clearly upsetting

Magistrate Malcolm Hogg

But the court heard Woods, of Twyford Avenue, Stamshaw, told police he was responsible for 10 other similar crimes and wants a judge to takes these offences into consideration (TIC) when sentencing him.

Prosecutor Giles Fletcher said: ‘The facts of the two burglaries are very similar in the sense that forced entry was used.

‘A small bladed screwdriver was used to help gain entry.

‘Both have ransacking of rooms, clothes thrown about, untidy searches.

‘They were occupied but not at the time of the burglary.

‘The defendant is quite co-operative with the police.

‘They’ve written a letter, he’s going to be entering various TICs – there may be 10 more.’

Woods first hit a home in Greenacre Gardens in Waterlooville on January 12 before burgling a house in Park Avenue, Waterlooville, on January 27.

Cash and cards were taken in the first burglary, while family jewellery, watches and earrings were taken in the second. Reading from a victim’s impact statement, Mr Fletcher said a couple had fitted a £500 burglar alarm controlled by a smartphone following Woods’ crime.

Mr Fletcher said: ‘They have been severely impacted by what’s happened. They do not sleep as well as they previously did, regularly hearing noises. They’ve been significantly traumatised by the loss of family jewellery.

‘They feel it would mean nothing to the burglar – just a few hundred pounds.’

The detail of TICs were not disclosed to magistrates but will be sent to the sentencing judge. The court heard Woods was commended by police after telling them what other burglaries he carried out.

He wept after being sent down from the dock when the case was adjourned.

Chairman of the bench, Malcolm Hogg said: ‘It’s good to hear you are remorseful.

‘To ransack people’s private homes is very unpleasant and clearly upsetting.’

Woods will be sentenced at Portsmouth Crown Court later this month.