Police at stand off in Denmead as man barricades himself into house

SCENE Police offiers in Peakfield, Denmead
SCENE Police offiers in Peakfield, Denmead

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ARMED police were called to a cul-de-sac in Denmead after reports of a vulnerable man who has barricaded himself in a house.

Police were called to Peakfield at around 9.30am.

Inspector Andy Tester, from Hampshire Constabulary, said: ‘Specialist units are here just as a precaution. We are dealing with a vulnerable man, someone who is in a bad emotional state.

‘We are just trying to take care of him.

‘We’ve got enough people here so there is no danger to the public at all.’

An on-looker said: ‘It’s nothing like this normally. It’s quite shocking. We just came from the park and cut through and it’s all shut off.

‘I know the chap who lives in there.

‘I’ve seen him jogging with a couple of dogs and I know he used to do boxing in charity events down at the Guildhall.

‘He’s just your normal family man. We don’t normally see things like this in Denmead.’

At 1pm there were three marked and four unmarked police cars at the scene and officers coned off Peakfield.

At about 2pm forced entry was made into the property and a 54-year-old man was detained under the Mental Health Act.