Police bid to cut bike crime at rail station

Hampshire police and crime commissioner Michael Lane. Picture: Malcolm Wells

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CYCLISTS who fail to lock their bikes up properly at a train station are to receive a police warning.

Officers from British Transport Police will visit Havant station to check if commuters are keeping their vehicles secure and offer help and advice.

They will check bike racks and leave crime prevention advice for anyone who fails to lock their bike up properly.

People will also have the chance to get their bike fitted with a security label to help make it easier for police to return stolen bikes to their rightful owners if they are recovered.

PC Jerry Isterling, British Transport Police crime reduction officer, said: ‘A difficulty we face is that many people who ride bikes leave them at railway stations for very long periods of time, with some even owning two bikes and leaving them locked up at stations overnight.

PC Isterling is also offering tips to help cyclists deter thieves. He added: ‘The best thing to remember is to register your bike and also to ensure two solid locks are used to secure both the frame and the wheels to the stand.

‘If a bike is adequately marked, it makes it much easier to identify and therefore reduces its desirability to thieves.’

Officers will be at Havant station from 4pm to 7.30pm on June 9.