Police bid to prevent underage drinking

The bomb squad in Portsmouth city centre yesterday

Stanhope Road suspicious device ‘was found in student’s room’ in Portsmouth university accommodation block

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POLICE are joining forces with bars and nightclubs to tackle the problem of children using fake or stolen ID to buy drink.

Door staff have noticed a surge in the number of under-18s trying to smuggle their way into venues using fake documents after a series of clubs and bars agreed to install ID scanners at the entrances.

They are encouraged to seize any fake or stolen ID that they are shown and then to hand them to police.

Hampshire and Sussex police are carrying out extra operations as part of a week of action to raise awareness of the impact of drink on public safety.

Licensing teams are encouraging larger venues to install ID scanners, which take a photograph of the person trying to get into the venue.

Jean Irving, public safety manager for Sussex police, said: ‘They are helping us keep children safer. The scanners are already proving to be useful crime-fighting tools and evidence they have recorded is being used in ongoing investigations including thefts and sexual assaults. Women have said they feel safer in venues with them because they know images of all the people inside have been taken.’