Police blast 'nosey' drivers who 'almost caused crashes' on A27 before coming under fire from public

POLICE blasted ‘nosey’ drivers on the A27 ‘almost causing crashes’ before warning some drivers they could face action.

Wednesday, 25th August 2021, 8:27 am

But the force was then subjected to insults following a post on Twitter on Tuesday showing road police deploying traffic slowing measures on one side of the carriageway.

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Fareham police posted: ‘Dear all the nosey drivers on the A27, we saw you slowing down and almost causing crashes.

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‘We also got a few of you on camera. Consideration will be sought in terms of prosecution for undue care and attention.

‘Please watch where you're going.’

The post sparked outrage from some on the thread. One person, responding with a picture highlighting the ‘police slow’ sign, said: ‘How dare those inconsiderate drivers slow down, why would they do that?’

Another wrote: ‘I couldn't imagine any nosey police slowing down if they saw an incident or crash.’

Police blasted 'nosey' drivers on the A27. Pic Fareham police

Another said: ‘Ironically though when you report a crime Fareham police won’t investigate. Clearly only actually witnessing it themselves counts.’

But police, responding to the comments, then said they had missed part of their post off - with their message aimed at drivers on the other side of the road.

‘Apologies. Due to the character limit on Twitter it may have skewed our message a bit. This message was aimed at drivers on the opposite carriageway who were driving at no more than 15mph in order to watch what we were up to,’ the message said.

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