Police called in after knife attacks on horses

From left, Vik Hibberd, 34, with her staff Emma Tickner, 25, Shannon Charlton, 17 and Magpie the horse
From left, Vik Hibberd, 34, with her staff Emma Tickner, 25, Shannon Charlton, 17 and Magpie the horse

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A HORSE dealer has told of her horror at finding that three of her animals had been attacked.

The animals were all slashed on their rumps while they were in fields at Victri Sports Horses, off Lavey Lane in Titchfield, over the past week.

The attacks took place between August 5 and 13, and left the animals with deep cuts of up to six inches long.

Vik Hibberd, who runs Victri, said: ‘We’re a successful business and the horse world can be very cliquey. I’ve had a few run-ins with people, but whoever did this is a real sicko.

‘On August 6 we had a horse come in with a wound. At first we couldn’t figure out how it had done it because it was a very straight cut, like an incision and it was really deep, right through the muscle, almost to the bone.

‘Horses do injure themselves sometimes, but the vet said that it was too straight to be just an injury – it was definitely an incision.

‘These have been slashings.’

The other two attacks happened in similar circumstances.

Ms Hibberd added: ‘It has been quite scary, but whoever has done this hasn’t wanted to kill the horses – they’ve done this in a way that will deliberately hurt and scar the horses.’

Electrical fencing was also damaged around paddocks in the Titchfield area overnight on August 8.

Police are warning other horse owners in the area to be on the look-out.

Sgt Aaron Freemantle, from the Park Gate West beat, said: ‘Attacks on horses are very rare but we always take reports such as these seriously.

‘It is important to establish whether a crime has taken place and if so to take appropriate action to prevent further incidents and locate those responsible.

‘I would appeal to members of the public and horse owners to report any activity they deem to be suspicious in the vicinity of horse paddocks and for horse owners to review their security.’

They are not currently linking the cuttings to any other incidents and no arrests have been made.

Hampshire Constabulary has an active Horse Watch scheme which provides advice at