Police catch 3,000 speeding in Sussex

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MORE than 3,000 people were detected speeding in Sussex during a week-long focus on speed on the county’s roads.

During the speed awareness week, which ran from Monday, April 16 to Sunday, April 22, a total of 3,044 vehicles were detected driving over the speed limit across the county by the Sussex Safer Roads Partnership.

Of these, 379 people were identified by officers from Sussex Police’s Roads Policing Unit while the remaining 2,665 were detected on the county’s network of fixed and mobile enforcement cameras.

Sergeant Phil Duffy said: ‘It is always disappointing to see that people are speeding. This campaign has shown that many people choose to speed across our county’s roads The aim of this campaign has been to educate people about the dangers of speeding as well as enforcing speed limits.’

Andy Reohorn, Safety Camera Team Supervisor at the SSRP, adds: ‘This week-long pan-European focus on the dangers of speed has helped to raise awareness throughout Europe of the effect that drivers’ actions can have on the communities that they live in and drive through.

‘Our network of fixed and mobile speed enforcement cameras exists to make our communities safer for all by reminding drivers to keep within the speed limits.’