Police go under cover to target speeding drivers

Speed checks will be carried out
Speed checks will be carried out
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SPEEDING drivers who risk lives by driving too fast on the roads are being warned by Hampshire police – don’t do it – as a Europe-wide crackdown is launched.

For a week from today there will be extra patrols round the clock involving specialist officers and targeted operations in a bid to catch more people who flout the limits.

As part of the operation – co-ordinated by the European Traffic Police Network (TISPOL) – the force will be using undercover motorbikes for the first time. The two bikes will work alongside marked and unmarked police cars.

Forces across Europe will be conducting similar operations.

It comes after figures revealed 84,000 drivers – an average 230 a day – were caught speeding on the county’s roads last year.

And 27 per cent of people killed in road crashes in Hampshire last year died in accidents where exceeding the limit or travelling too fast for the conditions, were contributory factors – up three per cent on the previous year.

Road Safety Sergeant Rob Heard said: ‘Speeding produces devastating consequences.

‘Across Europe it contributes to about one third of all our fatal crashes.

‘If people are travelling at high speed, what they are doing is limiting the reaction time they have to a potential hazard.

‘There is a reason why these speed limits are there.

‘They are not a target, they are not something to get to – that is a maximum.

‘Quite often it may be far more appropriate to travel at a much slower speed because of the road conditions.’

Police will be using mobile speed cameras.

Tomorrow they will target goods vehicles weighing less than 7.5 tonnes such as transit vans on single and dual-carriageway roads where they are restricted to travelling at a maximum of 50mph and 60mph respectively, compared with up to 60mph and up to 70mph for cars.

Sgt Heard added: 'We have identified that there are a large proportion of people driving vehicles like transit vans and small goods vehicles who actually don’t realise that on certain roads their speed limit is less than for other vehicles.

‘We have produced a series of stickers for all goods vehicles so people can stick it on their dashboards to remind them while they are travelling along what the correct speed limit for their vehicle is.’

Police will also be educating drivers about the potentially devastating consequences of speeding.