Police in legal highs warning after four separate incidents

Paul Nelson outside Portsmouth Crown Court at an earlier hearing

‘Sinister’ man behind Spotted Portsmouth admits stalking woman for six months

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A WARNING about legal highs has been issued after four separate incidents.

At 4pm on Tuesday a man was seen acting strangely and saying he felt unwell at Eddie’s Convenience Store in Millfield Close, Chichester.

He began damaging the shop before running away and climbing a tree. It is believed the 26-year-old had been taking legal highs. He was arrested on suspicion of criminal damage and bailed.

Another man was taken to St Richard’s Hospital, Chichester and two men, aged 19, were taken to hospital in Bognor from Stocker Road.

Det Insp Dave Grover said: ‘We believe all of these men may have taken some type of legal high which made them all very unwell. We urge people to take caution as legal highs often have great health risks.’