Police launch a week-long blitz on speeding drivers

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Police in Middle Street, Portsmouth, over the weekend.

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MOBILE speed cameras will be out in force this week as police launch a major operation to target speeding drivers.

Figures show speed was a contributory factory in 36 fatal collisions in the county in the last three years.

A total of 425 serious injury crashes were caused by speed, according to Hampshire police figures.

Officers will be patrolling roads across The News area to catch out speeding drivers.

Sergeant Andy Tester, a roads police officer from Hampshire police, said: ‘We patrol the roads year-round, enforcing speed limits and educating drivers about the risks.

‘During the Speed Enforcement Week we’ll be focusing our resources on those roads where speed is often identified as a contributory factor in collisions.

‘If you’re speeding, the chances are you will be caught in which case you could receive a fine, points on your licence, be disqualified from driving or prosecuted if your driving is deemed to be dangerous.’

The crash statistics make for grim reading.

Portsmouth ranks fourth in the county for collisions caused by speeding, with 201 incidents in the last three years.

The New Forest comes top of the list with 237.

A total of 84 speed-related collisions happened in Havant, 104 in Fareham, and 59 in Gosport.

Rural areas such as East Hampshire and Winchester district had a very high number, with 132 and 184 respectively.

A total of 2,013 crashes were caused by speeding in the last three years.

Sgt Tester added: ‘Remember, the speed limit is the maximum legal speed for the road, not a target.

‘I would always urge motorists to drive at a speed that’s appropriate to the conditions such as visibility, weather and the presence of other road users.

‘Increasing your speed increases the risk of having an accident because it reduces the amount of time you have to respond to hazards. Put simply, speeding on the roads puts you, your loved ones and other road users at a greater risk of being killed or seriously injured.’

Police are not saying the locations where they will target.

The campaign ties in with the Europe-wide TISPOL campaign, which aims to raise awareness about the problems caused by speeding.

This is the second forcewide speeding operation that Hampshire Constabulary has run this year.