Police lobby for changes to older people’s driving rules

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POLICE officers from Hampshire will join leading experts in London today to recommend an action plan to make older drivers safer for longer.

The main recommendation is to raise the age for when older motorists have to make the mandatory self-declaration that they are still fit to drive from 70 to 75.

Police data suggests older drivers are less likely to be involved in crashes than young drivers. However, they are more fragile and four times more likely to die or be seriously injured in a road accident.

Among other recommendations is to require the DVLA to get evidence of an eyesight test at licence renewal.

Sergeant Rob Heard, from Hampshire Constabulary, has played an instrumental role in improving support for older drivers.

, setting up the innovative Older Drivers Forum in Hampshire and the Isle of Wight.

He said: ‘I have been proud to be part of this national task force and share the great work we have been doing in Hampshire and the Isle of Wight to support older drivers with our Older Drivers Forum partnership.

‘I feel that should the recommendations be agreed then we will go a long way to help and support the mature motorist to carry on driving safely for longer in our ageing population

‘The Older Drivers Forum in Hampshire has already helped in supporting and guiding the older motorists and other interested parties in keeping safe on the road.’

More than 25 experts and organisations in transport, health, policing licensing, car manufacturing and insurance joined forces to produce the report.