Police obstruction case thrown out of court

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CHARGES of obstructing the police made against a young woman have been thrown out of court.

Kirsty Irwin was charged after she was brought in for questioning about sending malicious text messages to Paula Hoare.

Portsmouth Magistrates’ Court heard on Monday that Miss Irwin, 21, of Newcome Road, Fratton, sent abusive messages to Miss Hoare but then went on to claim she was in fact the victim of malicious text messages.

Miss Hoare was arrested and released on bail.

But it later transpired Miss Hoare was innocent and texts were sent to her from mobile phones linked to Miss Irwin.

When Miss Irwin was taken in for questioning she denied the charges.

On a second interview she again initially denied the charges but less than an hour later admitted her guilt in a statement to Police Staff Investigator David Leonard.

He cautioned her for the first offence but charged her with perverting the course of justice.

This was later reduced to obstructing the police.

In court Miss Irwin’s solicitor Caroline Palacio asked District Judge Anne Arnold to dismiss the case.

She said it was a short period of time before Miss Irwin confessed and PSI Leonard was ‘not sent down any particular avenue or had to undertake any other work as a consequence.’

The prosecution did not object and the case was thrown out.