Police officers are barred from jobs in Portsmouth

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THREE police officers have been told they can never work in Portsmouth again because of how they treated a vulnerable man.

They have also received final written warnings after Hampshire Constabulary received a complaint about their behaviour when called to a property in North End, Portsmouth.

At a misconduct hearing the Independent Police Complaints Commission found the officers used inappropriate words and behaviour in April when they were sent to check the condition of a man having a panic attack.

The man – who did not wish to be named but suffers from chronic anxiety and depression – was left extremely distressed and it is understood he was admitted to St James’s Hospital, Milton, for psychiatric treatment after the incident.

Deputy Chief Constable Andy Marsh said: ‘Protecting the most vulnerable people in our communities is paramount to everything we do in Hampshire Constabulary.

‘Unfortunately, on this rare occasion, these three officers failed to do so.

‘Their actions fell far short of the standards we require and are untypical of the police officers and staff of Hampshire Constabulary as a whole who are committed to providing an excellent service to our communities.

‘As soon as the complaint came to light, we referred the matter to the Independent Police Complaints Commission which took the decision to manage an investigation by our Professional Standards Department.’

He added that the officers had now been ‘held to account’ after one was found guilty of misconduct and the other two were found guilty of gross misconduct.

The man, who is in his 30s, told The News: ‘I knew all along I was telling the truth so I feel completely vindicated.

‘When I got the news the first thing that went though my mind is the damage that they could have done.

‘But now I just want to move on and put it behind me.’