Police sergeant gives warning about thieves

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ONE of Portsmouth’s leading police officers has urged people to swap chains for heavy-duty D-locks as part of the force’s fight against bicycle thieves.

Sergeant Rob Sutton said bikes have become an easy target for crooks.

He said: ‘Criminals see it as easy to steal when people use cable locks.

‘They will go round with bolt croppers.

‘I’m passionate that people should use D-locks.

‘They don’t touch the D-locks.’

Secure locks are currently available from Hampshire police.

Posters displaying an image of human eyes and the slogan ‘Cycle thieves – we are watching you’ have also been put up around the city.

Sgt Sutton, who is part of St Thomas and University of Portsmouth Safer Neighbourhoods Team, said cyclists need to be extra cautious.

‘It’s so easy to steal a bike,’ he said.

‘There are lots of places online and second-hand dealers that will pay £50 for a £500 bike. It’s far less risky to bolt crop someone’s bike that burgle a house or break into a car.’

For more information call 101.