Police staff accept redundancy

Hampshire community groups offered grants of up to £15,000

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MORE than 300 Sussex Police staff have accepted voluntary redundancy.

The move is expected to contribute towards the force’s funding shortfall of around £52m, meaning fewer compulsory redundancies will be made.

The redundancies all involve civilian staff, not police officers. They come after Hampshire Constabulary announced last September that 1,400 police staff jobs would have to go as it faced budget cuts of 25 per cent over the next four years. Chief Constable of Sussex Police Martin Richards said: ‘This action is about us being on the front foot.

‘We have to make significant savings and we have been open about having to lose posts.

‘This scheme, suggested by Unison, provides an opportunity for individuals to leave the organisation voluntarily with an enhanced payment and, at the same time, helps the force save money and reduces the need for compulsory redundancies.

‘There has been a lot of interest in the scheme and around 70 per cent of the applicants were accepted.’