Police turn to web in crackdown over Gosport bike thefts

BIKES TAKEN Bev Davidson, 41, with her daughter Holly Davidson, 12 near their family garden where the bikes were stored. Picture: Malcolm Wells (150325-5948)
BIKES TAKEN Bev Davidson, 41, with her daughter Holly Davidson, 12 near their family garden where the bikes were stored. Picture: Malcolm Wells (150325-5948)
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POLICE are warning people of each bike theft in a town in a crackdown on criminals.

It comes as 20 bikes were stolen in four weeks in Gosport, police have warned.

Now officers in the town are urging people to be vigilant after the spike in thefts last month and are posting details online.

Sergeant Lesley Meenaghan, from Gosport police, said nine of the 18 bikes taken were left unlocked in gardens, parks and schools.

Sgt Meenaghan said: ‘Unfortunately bike theft is an all-too-common crime in Gosport. We must all be vigilant and report any suspicious activity straight away.’

Sgt Meenaghan added the majority of the bikes that were locked were put in places with open access to anybody.

The bikes have been taken from different areas in Gosport.

On March 13, one was taken from Military Road, Brockhurst, while another was taken from outside the One Stop Shop, in Elson Road, on March 20.

And on the same day another bike was taken from outside Gosport Leisure Centre, on Forest Way.

Gosport Neighbourhood Watch Association is posting details of each theft on its Facebook page.

The association is working with police to tackle the number of bikes being taken.

Sgt Meenaghan added: ‘It’s a great tool. We want the community to know so they keep an eye out.’

Bev Davidson, from Gosport, recently fell victim to bike theft. Her husband’s custom-made bike was taken along with her two daughters’ bikes on March 22.

Mrs Davidson said: ‘We noticed my husband’s bike had been taken when we let the dog out at about 10.30pm.

‘The back gate was open and the bike was gone.

‘We locked the back gate and moved the girls’ bikes but when we woke up the next morning, they had gone too.

‘It is so frustrating because my husband made his bike from different parts so it was custom-made.’

She added: ‘To replace all three with decent replacements, it will cost around £800.’

Mrs Davidson added that something needed to be done to stop the thefts in the town.

She added: ‘Someone else had a bike stolen from near us which was the same make as my husband’s.

‘It is terrible that they are targeting people.

‘If they want a bike, they should go and buy one.

‘It is good that the police look into all the thefts and post their pictures on Facebook. Hopefully we can get them back.’

All details of the bikes taken in the past month, along with their crime reference numbers, can be found by visiting facebook.com/NWGosport

Anyone with information should call 101. If a crime is happening police say people should call 999.

Easy measures can stop thieves from taking bicycles

VICTIMS could be counting costs running to thousands of pounds when bikes are stolen.

Now Sergeant Lesley Meenaghan has given some tips to securing cycles.

She said: ‘When your bike is at home ensure it is locked and most importantly out of sight of the would-be thief. If in a garage or shed or garden ensure it is locked to a permanent structure.

‘Measures like fitting a noisy bell on the inside of your shed door and motion-activated lights will spook most thieves.’