Police warn against calls from fraudsters

Police have warned of conmen operating in the Portsmouth area
Police have warned of conmen operating in the Portsmouth area
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POLICE are warning Portsmouth residents to watch out for fraudsters who use bogus telephone calls and couriers to get cash and bank details

Police said one elderly victim had a call on Monday from a man claiming to be from the Metropolitan Police.

The fraudster told the victim he needed help with a secret investigation and asked him to take £5,000 out of his bank account, and to cancel his account.

The victim did so and handed over the money to a fake courier who showed up at his house.

Detective Inspector Sue Orr said the fraudster doesn’t hang up the phone so the victims speak to them again when trying to call their bank.

She said: ‘People have lost large sums of cash as a result of this fraud as often the elderly and vulnerable are targeted.

‘We want to warn residents that these requests are not genuine and that no police officer or bank would operate in this manner.

‘If you have elderly relatives, friends or neighbours please make them aware of this scam and remind them not to give any details to unexpected callers.’ Anyone with concerns about similar incidents can call the police on 101.