Police warn drivers after thefts from unlocked cars

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A WARNING has been issued by police about drivers leaving their cars unlocked.

It comes as Sgt Lesley Meenaghan, of Gosport police, said there were 17 reports of thefts from motor vehicles in the town in July.

Car thieves are not known to have resilience or a strong work ethic. They will go for the easy target time and time again

Sgt Lesley Meenaghan

Of those, 13 were from unlocked cars, with sat navs, wallets, cash and sunglasses taken by thieves.

Also included in the figures were two outboard motors stolen from moored boats.

Sgt Meenaghan said: ‘One related to theft of wheel trims. One was of a report of a car window being smashed. It is not known if anything was stolen.’

She said police officers often hear drivers say they do not lock their cars as they do not want the ‘hassle of damage’ if a thief breaks in.

There were also a number of reports of suspicious activity with people seen trying car door handles.

Two people have been arrested and are being dealt with for theft.

Sgt Meenaghan added: ‘You are more likely to be a victim of vehicle crime if you leave your car unlocked.

‘Car thieves are not known to have resilience or a strong work ethic. They will go for the easy target time and time again.’

The crime is being committed in Gosport and Lee-on-the-Solent.

Meanwhile, 55 reports of thefts from cars in Fareham have been received by police over the past three months.

Criminals have targeted vehicles in the Highlands area, although other places in the borough have also been affected.

Sgt Mark Lamper, from Fareham Area Neighbourhood Policing Team, said: ‘These thefts range from tools being taken from works vehicles to anything of value like sat navs in cars.

‘An easy way to stop this is by removing all valuables and making sure beyond doubt that the vehicle is locked.

‘In hot weather don’t leave windows ajar as this makes your vehicle an easy target for thieves.

‘Ultimately, the best policy to take will be lock it or lose it.’

Call 101 to report a crime or 999 if it is happening at the time.