Police warn drivers over scam speeding emails

Sussex Police
Sussex Police
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Sussex Police have warned drivers not to respond to scam emails claiming they have been caught speeding.

Officers said Greater Manchester Police had been investigating a series of bogus emails sent to drivers across the country falsely claiming they had been caught speeding.

The emails directed recipients to a hoax website which the force said had now been taken down.

A spokesman for Sussex Police said: “If you notice the e-mail in your inbox please do not open it and delete it instead.

“Notices of Intended Prosecution are never sent by email, they are always sent through the post using the DVLA registered addresses.

“Always be suspicious of unsolicited emails that are supposedly from a trusted organisation, such as your bank, because the sender’s address can easily be faked.

“Never automatically click on any links they contain either, not before stopping to check if they seem genuine first.

“Check the email address of the sender - if it doesn’t look genuine delete it or send it to your junk folder.”