Police warn kids are putting lives at risk by playing on derelict site in Eastney

Fraser Range
Fraser Range
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POLICE have warned children who put their lives at risk playing at a derelict former military base that they should expect a knock on the door.

It comes as Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service has had 12 reports of fires being deliberately started at Fraser Range, in Eastney, this year.

The most important thing is that for them to be safe, it’s a derelict building but very dangerous.

Sgt Janine Sanger

Tonight residents will meet police at the Cockleshell Naval Community Centre in Eastney to discuss problems at Fraser Range, and in Fort Cumberland Road. The meeting is at 6.30pm.

Sgt Janine Sanger said her officers were receiving weekly reports about the site.

It is a well-known trouble spot where children break in through the fence and cause fires or access the buildings.

All of the derelict buildings have health hazards.

Sgt Sanger said: ‘We have identified kids that are going down there, but there are lots of them.

‘We’ve spoken to parents and those kids have kept away.

‘The most important thing is for them to be safe. It’s a derelict building but very dangerous.

‘The risk is them hurting themselves and injuring themselves.

‘But there definitely has been (progress).’

The fire service has echoed Hampshire Constabulary’s warning on lives being put at risk.

As previously reported by The News, one attending crew from Southsea fire station had stones thrown at them by around 30 young people who had started a fire.

They went on to start another fire after the crew’s arrival, causing the station to increase the number of firefighters it sends to the area when called.

A spokesman from Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service said: ‘Anyone deliberately setting fires is placing not only themselves, but potentially others at risk.

‘These unnecessary fires also suck in our vehicles and crews, which could prevent them from attending more serious and life-threatening incidents.’

The derelict land is made up of empty buildings and scrub lands.

It is owned by defence technology firm QinetiQ, which said it is working with authorities to protect the site.

A spokesman said: ‘QinetiQ remains the owner of Fraser Range while consultation with Portsmouth City Council about the site’s future continues.

‘Our group property teams are actively working with police and our appointed security contractors to protect the site and we will seek to prosecute anyone caught entering illegally.’

Previously, residents had said it was almost a daily occurrence that fire crews were called, with between 30 and 40 young people at the site each day.