Police warn residents of burglars breaking in through front doors

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POLICE are warning residents of burglaries in which thieves break in through the front door.

Two homes were targeted in Waterlooville using the same method.

Burglars entered a home in London Road through an unlocked door and stole a laptop and external hard drive.

A day later, in Corbett Road, a home was entered in similar fashion and a jacket, PlayStation 3 and cash was taken. Police are now urging people to keep their doors locked.

Detective Sergeant Martin Crocker said: ‘These – and at least four more incidents in the past two weeks – have come about as a result of householders not locking their front doors correctly.

‘The front doors being targeted are generally made of PVC and are fitted with a multi-point locking system, which is engaged by lifting the door handle.

‘People make the mistake of thinking that by simply lifting the handle upwards and engaging the mechanism that this locks the door and makes it secure.

‘This is not the case. For the door to be secure, the handle must be lifted, the key turned in the lock while the handle is raised, and then the key must be removed.

‘Otherwise the door is not locked, making it easier for others to gain access to your home. Burglars are targeting this kind of front door knowing that people neglect to lock it.’

The burglary in London Road took place on Thursday, February 3, with the raid in Corbett Road the next day. Call police on 101.