Police warning after a spate of burglaries

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City carer disgusted after vandals broke into her car and urinated all over the interior – but did not steal anything

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SOUTHSEA residents are being reminded to lock up their homes following a spate of burglaries.

Police say there has been an increase in night-time burglaries in the area, with 11 incidents in the last two weeks.

The number of offences increased slightly over lastweekend and peaked between 2am and 4am. Thieves are breaking in through insecure doors or windows, or by forcing a door open. Once inside they are favouring cash and electrical items and are taking holdalls or rucksacks to carry items away in.

In the early hours of Saturday a home in East Shore Way was raided. Between 12.30am and 7.30am on Sunday there was a burglary in Festing Grove, Southsea, while at about 4am on Monday thieves struck at an address in Grayshott Road. And between 2am and 7am the same day burglars targeted a property in Fontwell Road.

Superintendent Norman Mellors said: ‘Although burglary to date this year is slightly less than last year I am concerned that a significant number of burglaries that are still occurring, are happening at premises where doors and windows have been left open or insecure. I am urging residents to protect their homes by making sure doors and windows are locked, and valuable items are not left on display, tempting the opportunistic burglar.’