Police warning as suspicious man approaches girls

EXTRA CARE A pupil from Bourne Community College was approached by a man in a white van on Tuesday    Picture: Steve Reid
EXTRA CARE A pupil from Bourne Community College was approached by a man in a white van on Tuesday Picture: Steve Reid
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POLICE have warned parents and pupils to be vigilant after a suspicious man approached girls outside schools in three separate incidents.

Hampshire Police have confirmed that two reports have been received involving a man driving a white van near Havant Academy, Wakefords Way, Havant.

One incident is reported to have taken place near the school on Wednesday.

The second incident was reported between 7.50am and 8.10am yesterday in nearby Woodcot Crescent.

In both incidents, a girl was asked by the man whether she wanted a lift but refused.

An investigation into these reports is ongoing.

Meanwhile, there was also a report of a man in a white van making suggestive comments to a girl from Bourne Community College in Southbourne.

The incident happened at about 4pm on Tuesday in Manor Road, Southbourne.

The girl was very shaken by the incident and reported it to the police.

Simon Liley, headteacher at Bourne, said all pupils had been informed to take extra care.

He said: ‘If they see anything untoward they should seek assistance, preferably coming straight back to school and finding an adult that they know.’

Mr Liley said there had been no further reports at the school since Tuesday.

A spokeswoman from Hampshire Constabulary said: ‘We would ask pupils and their parents to remain vigilant for suspicious vehicles and people around the school.

‘Also as a precaution pupils could walk to school in the company of friends or family if possible.’

Safer Neighbourhoods teams will be conducting additional patrols around schools in Havant and Leigh Park as pupils leave and arrive for school.

The incidents at the two separate schools are not being linked by police.

Anyone who sees any suspicious activity to police on 101, or 999 if you believe a crime is in progress.

Anyone with specific concerns can contact the Leigh Park Safer Neighbourhoods team at Havant police station on 101.