Police warnings after string of vehicle break-ins

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  • More than 30 cars have been broken into in Gosport in the past four weeks
  • Only three were locked warranting police to warn people to lock their cars
  • Items stolen during the incidents include a diamond ring, five sat-navs and two iPods
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POLICE have issued a warning to drivers to make sure their car is locked after a string of break-ins.

More than 30 vehicles in Gosport have been broken into in the last four weeks with a diamond ring, five sat-navs and two iPods among the stolen goods – and police say opportunist thieves are walking down streets trying car handles to see if they are locked.

Don’t present the thief with an opportunity that is too good for them to ignore.

Sgt Lesley Meenaghan

Of the 35 crimes reported, only three cars were locked.

The thefts have sparked a message from the Gosport police team reminding people to lock their car doors and remove valuables.

Sgt Lesley Meenaghan, from the Gosport neighbourhood watch team, said: ‘The vehicles broken into were parked on drives and on the side of the road.

‘Policing patrols are being conducted but to keep property safe we need the community to play their part.

‘Don’t present the thief with an opportunity that is too good to ignore.

‘Information from thieves is that they will, as a matter of habit, walk past parked unattended vehicles and visually review if there are valuables in the car.

‘Let’s ensure our habit is to routinely lock our cars and remove any valuables.’

She added: ‘Reports have been received of thieves walking down streets in Gosport trying car door handles.

‘If you see such activity please ring 999.’

The crimes happened throughout April with four cars broken into between April 25 and April 27 across the town, and three reported during the night of April 29 and April 30 in Privett.

Two more were reported to police on Friday in Rowner and Holbrook.

Sgt Meenaghan added that arrests and charges had been made in relation to some of the crimes.

For information on how to keep your car safe visit gosportnhw.co.uk