Pompey fan ‘could have died’ in attack

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Police say a missing man is safe and well

Police say missing Portsmouth man has been found

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A DAD-OF-ONE said he is lucky to be alive after being knocked unconscious and having his head stamped on in a vicious assault.

Luke Morris woke up dazed and confused after being jumped on from behind by three hooded men.

The brutal attack happened as the Pompey fan walked home from a party through Jubilee Park in Waterlooville.

His injuries shocked him as he woke up with bruising across his head and the markings of a footprint on his face.

The attack left the 28-year-old with a broken jaw.

Luke, a groundworker of Wait End Road, Waterlooville, described how the attack happened.

He said: ‘I went to the football and from there I went to my sisters to a Halloween party.

‘I got to my sister’s for 10pm and then had a few drinks.

‘As I went home to Waite End Road I walked through Jubilee Park.

‘I looked behind me and noticed three people.’

Luke remembers one was wearing a burgundy hoody and another was wearing a Baby Boo hoody.

But that was the last thing he remembers.

‘That was it,’ he said.

‘I woke up and a lady was picking me up.

‘I would like to thank that lady. She was just walking the dogs.

‘They stamped on my head. You could see the footprint in my face.’

The woman called an ambulance and Luke was taken to Queen Alexandra Hospital in Cosham for treatment to his jaw.

Luke, who had to take time off work to recover, added: ‘I can’t really do anything about it. It’s now in the hands of the police.

‘It’s just this day and age where people can kick someone’s head in for no apparent reason.

‘I am lucky to be alive. I could have died that night.’

Police are investigating the assault, which happened on November 2 between 1.30am and 1.55am.

The attackers were described as white and about 20 years old.

Anyone with information should call police on 101.