Portchester woman ‘sickened’ to find her cat mutilated in back garden

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A PET lover was left ‘absolutely sickened’ to discover her beloved cat had been mutilated.

Debra Nicholson, 56 from Portchester, has spoken out after she found her 17-year-old cat Orly without its head or tail on Sunday.

Orly, the 17-year-old cat found mutilated in Portchester on Sunday

Orly, the 17-year-old cat found mutilated in Portchester on Sunday

She made the grim find in the back garden of her Downend Road home, where she lives with her husband Steve.

The incident has now been linked by animal rescuers to the hundreds of killings carried out by the so-called M25 cat killer.

Reflecting on the moment she found her pet, Mrs Nicholson said: ‘I was absolutely sickened.

‘I had never heard about the previous killings until this happened.

‘I can not believe anybody could do something so awful to animals.’

Since Orly’s death, Mrs Nicholson said her other cat has acted differently – and will not let it outside at night from now on.

‘She has definitely sensed something is not right,’ she said.

‘Because of what has happened she won’t be going outside until the morning any more.

‘This person seems to strike when it is dark and there is nobody around.’

And like others devastated by the killing spree – included victims in Southsea and on Hayling Island – Mrs Nicholson longs for justice.

She said: ‘I desperately want this person found.’