Portsmouth attacks trial hears defendant told police: ‘Yeah, I confess to the stabbings.’

Police search for evidence after the stabbings in Portsmouth
Police search for evidence after the stabbings in Portsmouth
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JURORS have been shown footage of the moment a man accused of attempted murder told officers: ‘Yeah, I confess to the stabbings.’

Winchester Crown Court saw body-worn video of the moment a smiling Ben Moynihan was searched by police in Portsmouth last summer.

In it the 18-year-old was asked by police to repeat what he said when the camera was off. Stood at Portsbridge roundabout he told police: ‘You was lucky, I was hunting my fourth victim.’

Referring to a 30-year-old man from Waterlooville arrested then released over the stabbings Moynihan added: ‘I can’t have people arrested in my name.’

In the prosecution’s opening of the trial the court had previously heard Moynihan left a letter for police calling himself an ‘unhappy geezer’ and said he was picking targets as he was a virgin.

Moynihan, of The Ridings, Hilsea, Portsmouth, denies three counts of attempted murder over three stabbings on June 20, June 29 and July 11.

Three women, 20, 45 and 67, received a single stab wound to the chest area in the separate attack.

Today PC Colin Kirby told jurors he was driving a police van on July 13 - two days after a 67-year-old woman was stabbed - and spotted a man matching the attacker’s description on Portsbridge roundabout.

The teenage had already put a letter for police on a van including a photograph of himself.

PC Kirby said he pulled over the van under the M275 and acting Sergeant Roger Hall shouted out to the man, now known to be Moynihan.

PC Kirby said: ‘The male started to approach the passenger door, Sgt Hall’s door.

‘Sgt Hall said show me your hands.’

It was then Moynihan told police: ‘I confess.’

PC Kirby rushed out and the two officers restrained the teenager.

When asked if he had anything on him Moynihan replied: ‘A steak knife in my sleeve.’

Video footage from PC Kirby’s equipment then shows police searching Moynihan as an officer knife is pulled from out of his right sleeve.

Moynihan repeatedly smiles in the footage and at one point looks straight into the camera and grins.

He was then cuffed and put in the back of a police van and taken to Portsmouth Central police station.

PC Alison Rouse told the court that when at the station Moynihan interrupted her when she said he was arrested for GBH, saying: ‘It wasn’t GBH, I intended to kill them.’

Moynihan, who was 17 at the time of the stabbings, admits wounding the women but denies three counts of attempted murder and also denies alternative charges of wounding with intent to cause grievous bodily harm.

The first letter left by Moynihan near the second victim said, prosecutor Kerry Maylin said: ‘I guess you must be after me now police. My name shall still be unknown. I’m not a psychopath, I’m the unhappy geezer.

‘When women won’t talk to you it’s heart-breaking. Why are they fussy with men nowadays?’

Ms Maylin said it finished by saying: ‘As I roam these streets hungry for blood and pain. I be greeted, attack, attack, attack, attack, attack. Dead. Jolly good.’

The court was told officers also found a document on his laptop called a ‘diary of evil’.

Ms Maylin read the first paragraph, which said: ‘I was planning to murder mainly women as an act of revenge because of the life they gave me.’

It added: ‘I attack women because I grew up to believe them as a more weaker part of the human breed.’

Yesterday the three victims told of how they were attacked and 999 calls were played to jurors.