Portsmouth burglar dubbed ‘The Creeper’ hid drugs in his pants in prison

CAUGHT Stuart Campbell
CAUGHT Stuart Campbell
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A BURGLAR nicknamed ‘The Creeper’ who broke into more than 200 homes has been back in court for dealing drugs in prison.

Stuart Campbell was on remand awaiting sentence for a string of burglaries in the Portsmouth area when he was caught with just under 60 grams of cannabis, worth £1,250, in jail.

The 36-year-old used his position as a cleaner to move around Winchester prison, dishing out the class B drug which he hid in his underwear.

He was caught when police visited him at the jail in June last year.

Officers were going to drive Campbell around Portsmouth so that he could point out other houses he had raided and get sentenced for them all at once, rather than have them catch up with him later.

But the professional burglar was not expecting them that day and had no time to get rid of the drugs before a standard search was carried out.

Campbell, who was jailed for four-and-a-half-years for 22 burglaries in the city, had another nine months added to his sentence at Portsmouth Crown Court.

Judge Sarah Munro QC said: ‘You maintained in interview that you were effectively looking after these drugs for others and would take them from wing to wing.

‘In that sense you abused the trust that the prison had placed in you.

‘You clearly had a significant role in this supply and the harm that’s caused within prison is that those who might otherwise be expected to become drug-free are in fact able to continue using drugs and to cause harm to themselves and others.’

Campbell, of no fixed address, pleaded guilty to two counts of possession of a class B drug with intent to supply.

The court heard he had a long history of offences.

In 2005 the cocaine and heroin addict was jailed for five years for committing 126 burglaries across Portsmouth, Havant and Waterlooville. And in 2008 he was locked up after admitting another 80 break-ins in a spree that started just days after his early release from prison.

After that he was nicknamed ‘the creeper’ by police for sneaking into people’s bedrooms while they slept.

Stephen Smyth, defending, said: ‘I accept that he has previous convictions.

‘Your honour knows he looks like a professional burglar.’

He added that Campbell could have been pressured into supplying cannabis because of his role as a cleaner.

‘Your honour knows how difficult it is in prison when suggestions are made to you,’ he said.

‘Because of the position he was in it can’t have been an easy decision to make.’