Portsmouth cannabis smuggler will be made to pay

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A 52-YEAR-OLD woman who was caught dealing cannabis has been told she will have to pay back the money she made.

Fiona Hay was caught trying to smuggle £8,600 worth of cannabis through Portsmouth ferry port.

As reported in The News she was jailed for 14 months for the offence in June.

Yesterday she was back at Portsmouth Crown Court for a hearing to claw back the money she made.

Judge Richard Price adjourned the case to give the prosecution more time to look into what assets Hay has.

She was arrested after border agency officers found 7.36lbs (3.34kg) in the back of her car.

Hay, who lived in Spain, was bringing the class B drug to sell in the UK.

She was arrested in Portsmouth on April 11 and owned up to what she had done.

The drugs were packed in her suitcases in the boot of her estate car.

She said friends had asked her to bring the drugs to the UK, claiming they paid her 1,000 euros to smuggle them in.

The court heard she has mental health difficulties and needed the money to pay for therapy.

But Judge Price described her as a crafty woman who broke the law for her own gain.

The case was adjourned until February 28 when Hay will be back before the judge for a hearing under the Proceeds of Crime Act.