Portsmouth CCTV cameras among those hacked by Russian crooks

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TWO CCTV cameras in Portsmouth are among those to be hacked by Russian crooks and broadcast online.

People are now being warned about the site, which shows footage from systems broken into using either default passwords or no log-ins at all.

Russian crooks hacked into CCTV including cameras in Portsmouth

Russian crooks hacked into CCTV including cameras in Portsmouth

Although the Portsmouth cameras show innocuous street views, some hacked cameras are from baby monitors and home PCs.

The site lists streams from more than 250 countries and other territories around the world. At the moment, it provides 500 feeds from the UK alone.

Two cameras in Surrey Street in Portsmouth city centre are among those to have been streamed.

Some of the feeds showed a static image but did not otherwise appear to be working.

The website has now been taken down.

CCTV in Portsmouth is run by the Safer Portsmouth Partnership, a joint effort by the police and the city council.

Council leader Donna Jones said: ‘We are very concerned about why this has happened. This is a fault by the manufacturer.

‘I’m concerned that images of Portsmouth are being projected on to a Russian website.

‘There has clearly been a fault. We will be looking into it to make sure it doesn’t happen again.’

China-based Foscam supplied the cameras which are used in the city.

A spokeswoman from the US firm said: ‘We’re still trying to determine which cameras are referenced on the site. We believe they are older cameras which are no longer being manufactured.

‘For these cameras we do not have a way to force customers to change their default passwords.

‘We will continue to educate consumers that changing default passwords is extremely important to protect themselves from unwanted intruders. Our newer cameras display a warning to users who have not changed the default password.

‘Users receive this warning whenever they log into the camera, until they set a new