Portsmouth crash pensioner had been driving on provisional licence for 55 years

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POLICE discovered a pensioner who lost control of his vehicle on a busy Portsmouth road had been driving on a provisional licence – for 55 years.

The 71-year-old, from Great Yarmouth, was driving a campervan to the ferry port when a tyre blew on Saturday afternoon causing chaos.

The vehicle and a trailer jackknifed across the Eastern Road, Portsmouth, blocking it for 90 minutes.

There were long tailbacks but no one was hurt.

Police have seized the vehicle and the driver has been told he cannot get behind the wheel again until he has passed his full test.

Sergeant David Sanderson said: ‘This person failed their test 50 years ago because they were clearly not safe to drive on the public road.

‘Yet rather than learn from their mistakes they have continued to drive and have therefore put lives at risk.

‘It is surely just luck that they have never been involved in something more serious.

‘They took a great risk because they failed to ensure their vehicle was in a suitable condition to drive and in doing so caused significant disruption and danger to other road users at a time when driving conditions were awful.’